What is Pilates


Improves balance. Enhances flexibility. Builds strength. Perfects posture. Protects health. Enhances focus.

The benefits of working with a professional Pilates Instructor are endless. Join me for a session and experience the positive changes that a little bit of sweat, breathing, movement and concentration can have on your health and wellbeing.


Pilates not only builds strength, stamina, flexibility, toning, core strength and stability, it improves posture elongate & strengthens the spine. Incorrect and poor posture is so common in our day to day activities,jobs or lifestyle that realigning the body and will reduce the strain to your muscles, ligaments and joints,this will therefore give your body opportunity to use the correct muscles during exercises and allow you to have more movement throughout the body. 

Pilates is also used for injury rehab or to prevent reoccurring injuries as it has great affect in stabilising and activating the muscles that are needed to be targeted in the rehabilitation.